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My career in a nutshell

At the age of 18 Greta started her studies in Psychology but she quickly realized she wasn't ready for that field (yet).

Understanding herself through psychology helped her in her search for a path that aligned with her childhood passions though. One night, Greta woke up to a sudden realization: she had to be a graphic designer.

With unwavering determination, Greta enrolled in a foundational course in graphic design. Upon completing the course, eager to showcase her talents, Greta shared some of her work on a platform that brought together creative minds from all over the world.

It was there that fate intervened. The CEO of a software development agency stumbled upon Greta's remarkable portfolio, recognizing her talent long before she did. This unexpected encounter became the turning point in Greta's life, as she was presented with the best opportunity any junior designer could wish for. Embraced by a supportive and professional environment, Greta thrived within the agency for two transformative years.

As Greta's skills flourished, she began receiving inquiries from potential clients. With a heart full of courage and a thirst for the unknown, Greta made the decision to venture into uncharted territories. At the tender age of 22, she founded her own freelance agency, eager to explore the possibilities that lay ahead.

Years went by, and Greta became an expert in launching successful projects. However, she felt a void. The realization dawned upon her that she yearned for something more—a desire to be involved in a product's journey beyond its launch.

It was during this introspective period that a remarkable offer arrived from a U.S. startup called Open. Captivated by their mission to foster honest and open conversations, Greta couldn't resist the opportunity to contribute her skills to a product that held the potential to better people's lives.

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Greta also co-founded a side project named Medalyst. What began as a humble endeavor gradually blossomed into a viable product.

Now, at the crossroads of her journey, Greta sets her sights on joining a small to medium-sized SaaS company. Her dream is to design mobile app features that empower individuals to thrive.

With her passion as a guiding force, Greta stands poised, ready to embark on the next chapter of her story, eager to create and innovate in ways that will leave an indelible mark on the world.
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