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Jugnoo (India): Visual rebranding for the Indian market


Jugnoo is an Indian ride-hailing and food delivery service similar to Uber and Uber eats that operates via rickshaws. The Jugnoo brand needed a facelift and as someone coming from Europe and having a deep understanding of the latest UI design trends I was tasked with refreshing the app's branding.

However, as a Hungarian designer working for an Indian company, I faced several challenges related to cultural differences that I had to navigate in order to create an effective design.


One of the main challenges I faced was understanding and incorporating Indian cultural preferences into the app's design. I had to take into account the different color associations and meanings that are prominent in Indian culture, as well as the cultural significance of rickshaws. Additionally, I had to consider the use of the color orange, which is known to increase hunger, and how to best apply it in the food delivery section of the app.


To address these challenges, I conducted extensive research on Indian color theory and design preferences, as well as the cultural significance of rickshaws in India. I discovered that orange is commonly used in food-related apps (even outside on India) to increase hunger and appetite, and thus decided to use it prominently in the food delivery section of the Jugnoo app.


To test the effectiveness of the new design, I took rickshaw rides in Chandigarh, a city in northern India where the company is based. This allowed me to experience the app from the user's perspective and make any necessary adjustments to the user interface.


In conclusion, working as a UI/UX designer for Jugnoo presented unique challenges related to cultural differences and understanding Indian design preferences. By incorporating Indian color theory, cultural significance of rickshaws, and common gestures, I was able to create a successful rebranding of the app. This case study highlights the importance of understanding and applying cultural knowledge in interaction design, as well as the impact of color theory on user behavior.

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