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All about digital products


We design for the digital & we're happy to share what we've learned throughout the years.

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Jugnoo is the Uber and Uber eats of India. We have contributed to the re-branding of the mobile app, and the website.

01 - What we do

We design and build beautiful apps for our clients by keeping users’ needs in focus.

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Budapest's largest ongoing neighbourhood development. We've designed a mobile app for Budapart's residents, workers and visitors.

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Várkert Bazár

A historical venue for cultural events in the castle of Budapest. We've contributed to the design of its website.

Projects and clients

Clients and projects


Hungary's #1 app chosen by most businesses for creating invoices. We've designed's mobile app.


Fittipaldi relocates vehicles as per their clients' requirements. We've designed an app for them where they can reveice and manage orders, and drivers can complete tasks.


A fintech app created for tracking the expenses of businesses. We've designed the web app's interfaces.


An app to help entrepreneurs stay up-to-date about their obligations. We've designed interfaces in the web app.


Jungleworks is a software-giant in India. We've designed their re-branded website.


Tookan is a complex fleet management software for businesses with moving parts. We've contributed to the design of the web app's interfaces.


What we can do

UX Design

User experience design is about figuring out how a product should work so that it's the easiest for the end user. It can be overwhelming, but we're here for you.

UI Design

User Interface design means creating beautifully finished screen designs that fit into your brand and are pleasing for the eye, convey the right message, & are ergonomic for the users.

Prototyping and wireframing

Once we understand how your product is structured, we create wireframes, which are simplified versions of the screens, then we create a clickable prototype, so that workflows can be tested and further improved.


We can help you find your voice as a brand by positioning your brand in relation to others, summarizing your mission and vision as a brand, defining your guidelines, colours, creating your logo and brand material.


If you're just starting your project, and you don't know where to start, you need a specification, and we can walk you through it. We create project briefs with user stories, find weaknesses and make decisions on undecided questions.

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