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Case study

Market differentiation by redesigning the "Finances" module of a sports club management app






Co-founder, Director of product design


Medalyst is a platform for sports associations that consists of an admin web app, a mobile app for athletes, and a mobile app for coaches. Medalyst allows them to connect and communicate with each other, track their progress, manage their schedules, broadcast news, and manage the association's finances through the app.



Feedback from potential customers revealed that the Finances module needed improvement. (In its original state, in the Finances module associations could add a single membership fee and they could manually set it from unpaid to paid based on cash payments and bank transfers made by the athletes. Athletes could view their own finances in the app.)


Marketing differentiation is when a company crafts unique products and services to attract and retain customers. Market research revealed that Medalyst could differentiate from its competitors thus attract more customers by allowing associations to receive in-app payments (like monthly membership fees) through the app via bank card. The challenge was to redesign the module within a tight budget and cut the scope to essential features only, while still providing a high-quality user experience.

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