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Greta's career in a nutshell

I’m Greta Winkelmann. I’ve been working in the industry of Digital Product Development as a Designer since 2014. I started my studies in Graphic Design in Melbourne, Australia, then I graduated with a GPA of 4.0 from Budapest Metropolitan University (where I wrote my thesis on the role of Design in Digital Product Development, and during my studies I’ve spent my international traineeship in Chandigarh, India working as a UI/UX Designer with a local tech company). I started my career as a UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience) designer at a Hungarian software developer agency. At the age of 22 I founded my own freelance agency. Years went by, and I became an expert in launching successful projects. Then I started to desire to be involved in a product's journey beyond its launch. It was during this period that a remarkable offer arrived from a U.S. startup called Open. Captivated by their mission to foster honest and open conversations, I couldn't resist the opportunity to contribute my skills to a product that held the potential to better people's lives. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, I also co-founded a startup called Medalyst. What began as a humble endeavor gradually blossomed into a viable product. What’s next? Up to you! :)

Case Studies

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